My name is Raquel Sweeney and I am  college freshman at the University of California Santa Cruz. I have created this blog for my Writing 2 class. I am intending to double major in Sociology and Psychology. I am hoping to work in the realm of mental health  and cognitive/behavioral therapies while researching how mental health differs among various cultures.

I am the first child in my intermediate family to attend college consistently while working toward a four year degree. My grandmother immigrated from Germany during World War II and eventually gained citizenship as a resident of the United States. The purpose of my blog is to speak on behalf of undocumented students and to raise awareness about the challenges presented before them. Undocumented students can have a harder time receiving the same equality as those who have citizenship. They often have to work harder to have their efforts recognized  even when the quality of work matches and surpasses those with a legal residency status. Anyone who is interested in becoming more acquainted with issues concerning the lack of representation of undocumented students is welcome to read and comment on my blog.

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