Americans By Heart: Ch.3-4

Perez mentions risk factors that challenge the resilience of undocumented students. Why instead of questioning an undocumented student’s academic capability is society not being proactive in trying to better the way we accustom education to those who speak a language other than English?

Taking on social roles for students who were discouraged from challenging themselves ended up motivating them to work  harder for their right to an unprejudiced education. Does their resilience contribute in motivating other undocumented students to resist societal norms, does this impact the number of students that pursue higher education?

Is it fair to conclude that in some ways undocumented students who invest their energy into civic engagement become more well rounded students than those with legal students who may not have to fight for their efforts recognized?

How has the fight for the DREAM Act changed since president Obama’s Union Address in 2010 revealed a wavering commitment to reforming the way the U.S. handles immigration?

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