I have always been fond of writing it has been a friend in troubled times. I do consider myself a writer because I believe that written word is one of the most powerful methods of evoking change. Anything with such a huge impact in molding the way people think is something I want to be a part of. My favorite type of writing is poetry because I think that poetry can mimic the emotional response of the poet in people who may never have experienced what the poet has. While poetry is my favorite type of written word I also enjoy researching scholarly topics and analyzing them. I am passionate about using writing to fight for social justice and under represented groups of people. I think that in both personal writing and academic writing I still lack the skills to be a clear, concise, and intriguing writer. Sometimes I find it difficult to manipulate what is going on in my head in a way where other people can clearly understand what I am thinking and what my viewpoints, beliefs, and opinions are. I am hoping that this course will help me refine my skills so that i may be a proficient university writer.

         I think my writing started when I first learned how to read. I love books and the way they provide solace and comfort. So when I was younger after reading a book I would mimic authors and create stories of my own. They were typically of brave men and women who had to fight to create change. I think this also relates to why I write in my youngest years I wrote to enact change and to fight for justice for my imaginary characters. I still write for that same purpose, to encourage and work towards equality, to fight for basic rights, and to encourage man to be kind to others; only now I have replaced my imaginary characters will real groups of people and situations. I want to challenge and change societal norms through my writing. I want to elicit a change in the way we treat minorities, people with disorders, people who are different from what media decides we want .

            I would indeed, describe myself as a thinker and a writer because I think that to be a writer one also has to be a thinker. It is ideas, critical thinking, passions, and opinions that encourage people to write and to make their ideas known.  I think it is in the way someone uses their opinions and knowledge of a topic distinguishes a difference in the style of writing between academic and creative thought. To me an academic or scholarly paper is crafted when someone uses reputable sources to validate one’s own argument with the intention to discuss a realistic topic. On the opposite side I think a creative text is often the product of someone using their own individual expression to address in a different perspective. I think talented writers are able to intermix creative writing and academic writing. I am hoping that through this class I will be able to reach that level of balance where I can create logical papers while also presenting readers with a fresh mindset.   

          I think as I have gained experience with writing throughout my academic career my attitude towards writing has been molded into what it is today. I think the influence of peers and teachers have also shaped my views toward the  importance of writing. When I was younger I knew writing to be mostly fiction books. Writing to me back then was a form of escape from a boring and at times very harsh world. I still do believe writing offers an escape, but I think especially now writing is most powerful with the intention to change the world for the better. I have come to appreciate writers who speak on behalf of minorities and write to educate others about the lack of basic human rights that certain groups of people experience.

           I have learned that in any type of writing it is very valuable to plan and create several drafts until a final polished draft is created. It also very important as a writer to have papers peer reviewed. I have found that other people can catch mistakes more efficiently than I can after I have been working on paper for a long time. My process usually starts with me free writing my ideas and then piece by piece editing and molding it into a first draft. After I have a first draft written I like to go to tutoring and get suggestions on where my writing could be stronger or how I could present my ideas in a more clear way. After tutoring I begin to  craft my final draft then I have peers review my papers and converse with them on my grammar and ideas and use their suggestions. After peer reviews I go back to tutoring to see if my paper meet academic expectations and based on further suggestions I turn in my finalized paper.

           I think that overall writing is very important in expressing individual beliefs and opinions as well as educating people of a broad range of topics. In my personal opinion everyone has the ability to use  all different types of writing to change and challenge our conventional societal views. Writing connects people, educates people, and changes the world I want to  consistently better myself as a writer where I can use writing to affect people in a positive way.

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