First Outline of Essay 2


In America we are privileged enough to have free education from kindergarten until twelfth grade. In many countries across the globe children and young adults are forced to work as laborers and some people never learn to read or write. Our fundamental access to education creates opportunity for successful futures. Thesis Statement: Education in my point of view is the opportunity to create a successful life and a way to master and conquer your dreams. Education is a tool to help construct the type of life someone desires. I also think education can present a way for people from all different ethnicities, social standings, genders, and religious beliefs to possibly achieve an equal level knowledge.

Then talk about how education is facing issues and how we might fix this:

In the midst of economic and political issues I think the purpose of education is becoming is being guided away from its original intent. Education was originally meant to provide people with knowledge about their relationship with the world around them and within themselves. Recently the Depart of Education has been concerned mostly with funds and the circulation of money in school districts. The quality of education becomes lowered as budget cuts rids schools of helpful extracurricular activities. Teachers who are arguably one of the most influential people in a person’s life can get laid off. Inner city schools feel the effect off this the most since they already have meager funds they are more at a disadvantage for programs that won’t necessarily benefit them in the future and be used as tools for success. Kozol mentioned in his piece about the educational apartheid that less wealthy schools are being stuck with more restrictions for creative methods of teaching. Students are subjected to strict teaching regimes that lack the room for creativity. Classes that do not benefit students who have high objectives are forced upon them based on what society deems appropriate according to their social standing. For example in the Kozol piece he also mentions a young black girl he was conversing with said the “…requirement met by courses that were basically vocational and obviously keyed to low-paying level of employment.” (655) (Introducing Kozol to argue the gap in socioeconomic divide)  In comparison wealthier communities require challenging and useful  classes that will help them in the future. Education has become a system keeping  low-income students  within their own social class by taking vocational classes and keeps wealthier students within their class to achieve monetary success. Instead of bridging the gap and having educational programs that offers every single person the same thing we have created programs that reduce equality.

If education is headed in the wrong direction pose a solution on how to fix it:

The question thus becomes how do we mold education back into what it was originally meant to be. How does education stay a pathway of success for those pursuing a meaningful career? According to Paulo Freire education needs to shift away from the banking concept which is just a transferring of a teachers knowledge into a student and need to become problem-posing education. Problem-posing education “…breaks with the vertical pattern of characteristic of banking education can fulfill its function as the practice of freedom…”(7). There is a viable solution to help restore the quality of education and it will take the community and the government to refine  the way we present education.

My personal beliefs and concerns about education as a vice to achieve goals

Personally I have always valued education I think the intent in ensuring that every citizen has the chance to pursue goals and dreams no matter who they are is extraordinary. Education is especially important in our society in which knowledge is highly value. Jean Anyon author of  “Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work” describes how schools differ by the social status of the student. This puts lower-income students at a disadvantage at excelling into classes that wealthier students have already been accustomed to. I think the distribution of funds needs to be given out more equally among schools to ensure that all schools no matter the social status so that all student are being taught fairly.

My own experience with education and how it has affected me and my beliefs

Education and the influence of teachers has gotten me here at the University. I was pushed and by being in a slightly wealthier school district I was lucky enough to pursue challenging  courses that helped me gain admission to UCSC. Some people are not as lucky as I am simply due to which class and what financial standing they fall under. I think that education could use a reform but is really important in highlighting a clear purpose for people. It helps strips our character and talents down so that we can much more easily find what we excel at and are meant to do. College education is also very important because it becomes the definitive measure that closes the gap between dream careers and reality. If many inner-city students do not get help to reach the level of their wealthier peers than education has not completed its job.

College is important in a cultural and social context I could use Freire to go into depth about how education should make people cognizant of the world around them.

College education is important for jobs but is also a way in which our own social and moral beliefs are tried and tested and it molds us into adults. There is constant feedback between students, peers, and professor which stretches are small scope of reality and perception. Not only is education concerning careers is learned it also entails a wide variety of learning how to socially interact with large bodies of people. It is a preparation for creating and maintaining relationships with people and how to use those relationships to further individual success.

Higher education is becoming more readily available to people but can still be unattainable it is our job to fight for education. Using Perez I could talk about how undocumented students have worked extremely hard to gain their educational rights.

While college education is extremely important it is also unattainable to many. College education is increasingly expensive and at most times low-income families cannot afford to pay for their progeny to attend school. There is financial aid that helps to put off the wave of debt for the immediate four years but then comes rushing back. Also college education is not readily available for undocumented persons. Those who might have traveled to America in seek of a better opportunity receive no financial assistance but are typically in the lowest income  bracket.

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