Reading Response S.I.N.

The article talks about the formation of the group S.I.N which stands for Students Informing Now a coalition of students formed at UCSC to inform the community of undocumented students about AB 540 a bill proposed to allow undocumented students to get in state tuition if they have resided in the US for more than a set number of years, have graduated high school or have a G.E.D. certificate. The mission for the S.I.N. group was formed to educate people who may have not been informed of the opportunity gain an equal education at an affordable price. The goal was to gain rights for immigrant students to attend universities with the same privileges as native born Americans. The founders of the SIN, Metztonalli, and Texcalli turned their worry into activism and rallied with groups in Santa Cruz and Watsonville to Santa Cruz marching to the disdain of HR 4437. Outreach and activism led to the popularization of SIN and got students, faculty, campuses, and the community involved to speak on issues that discriminated against races based on social and economic barriers that kept them from being treated equally. The SIN group also held a public forum in which speakers came to inform students that fell under AB 540 and the ability to gain access to cheaper college. SIN is now very popular at UCSC and creates a safe zone for students to continue their education and helps to build a community among young immigrant students. Prior to SINs development students were isolated and marginalized with the creation of SIN students are assimilating into the collegiate life far better and people are more active and concerned about equal education. The message of the article was left with the desire for more awareness and activism because the fight for equal education is still happening. The is still dispute about the validity of undocumented gaining equal education. I personally believe SIN is a beneficial coalition that will continue to inform people and create an inclusive community on the UCSC  campus.

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